I worked with Parkletics a number of years ago on their branding, and from the beginning I have been inspired by their ethos: to encourage and help people of all ages and abilities to have a more active, social and ultimately happier life.


Parkletics provide and install outdoor exercise equipment into community spaces across the UK in an attempt to engage residents who, for one reason or another, may have felt excluded from mainstream exercise programmes. The Parkletics programme is free to use and aims to bring communities together through exercise. In conjunction with local trainers, they help to set up support networks and exercise groups that make physical activity a sociable experience. 

fratton big local

Fratton in Portsmouth is the most densely populated area in England, outside of London. Fratton Big Local is funded by the Big Lottery Fund which was set up to help up to 150 areas in England become better places to live, now and in the future. Fratton will get at least £1m of lottery money over 10 years, part of which has been allocated to the installation and introduction of Parkletics.

Parkletics equipment was installed at Kingston Park in Fratton in March 2019. By showing the impact Parkletics has had on the lives of users in other parts of the UK, I hope to inspire and encourage Fratton residents to use this new public facility, establish some community exercise groups and make a positive change towards a more active life.