Layout Ideas

Include ribbons - maybe replaced with plaited/woven handmade ribbon made by Joe?

Monochrome with highlights, accents or blocks of colour - yellow?

Handwriting over the top of images - perhaps one way to present the poems?

16 page spreads - 48 pages in total? May need to add more if including lots of ADHD info.

Add small photographs in background of text pages with 'mess' to echo home

Full-bleed images opposite text pages. Try and keep the images simple and powerful - like the b&w look, but I do want to incorporate colour somehow.

Label-maker effect for 'hindsight' notes?

Include sketches to add a more personal touch? Maybe a danger that it could it make it too homemade?

Include fold-outs, half-pages or overlays to accommodate the 'hindsight' notes - really want to keep a clean and uncluttered feel to the book.