My eldest son has ADHD. This project will tell the story of the years before I realised that Joe's violence, hyperactivity and defiance was caused by ADHD; a time when I blamed myself and my parenting for

his behaviour.

In the sketchbook I express my feelings and experiences from that time mostly through poems; a medium I have never used before. I didn't intend to make a collection of poems, but found it to be the most natural way for me to record what I wanted to say. It also allowed me to express the way I was feeling succinctly, more effectively than perhaps I could have in a page of prose. I have combined the poems with photographs and letters I have collected over the years which I hope give more context and feeling to the words I have written. 

After collating the poems and images in a sketchbook, it seems a natural progression that this project should take the form of a book, or some form of publication. As it is a collection of my recollections of a time in the past, I like the idea that it will be a fixed record of my experiences, presented in a unchangeable,

complete form.


I would like to develop the ideas from my sketch book and refine them into a publication, perhaps one that could be used as a guide or reference to parents in a similar situation to the one I found myself in: where nothing I did made any difference to my son's peace of mind or his self-control.