Something has come out of this project, something that I didn't intend at the beginning.


Sharing my Dad's life - his youth, falling in love, raising his family - highlights what is sadly often forgotten when dealing with people suffering with Dementia and Alzheimer's, in fact, you could argue, when dealing with old people in general.


The life behind the disease, the personality and individuality of the sufferer is too often lost. They are all too often treated as a whole - as "old people" - rather than as an individual with a past. 


This film goes some way to highlight the person behind the disease; the life that was lived before it was forgotten. It touches on the personal loss that sufferers of this disease go through.


By the end of my Dad's life he had lost almost all of his memories. I try to show this loss in the film, and also the fact that when most of what made him 'him' had gone, music was one of the last things he held on to. He could play his guitar and sing his songs almost up until the end.


I hope he would be happy with this film.