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My eldest son has ADHD: a chronic condition that affects a person’s ability to control their actions, impulses and attention.


Around the time he turned one, I began to notice that my son wasn’t behaving the way other children his age did: he was prone to fits of anger, was restless and defiant. Having no other frame of reference, I put this down to something I was doing; perhaps I hadn’t quite got the hang of this parenting thing yet.


For seven years I believed my son’s disruptive and often violent behaviour was a product of my parenting. This project tells the story of those years and the self-doubt and guilt that accompanied them. I explore my multiple attempts to regain control in a situation where nothing I did made any difference; looking at the professionals who failed to notice and the people who, like me, thought I was to blame.


I go on to explore how life has changed since receiving the ADHD diagnosis. I question whether there are failings in the education and health systems that allow children like my son to fall through the net? Are we in the UK doing all we can to identify and support children with ADHD?


This project is for me seven years ago - for the parent who is struggling and who needs to know someone else understands. It is also to give healthcare and education professionals a personal insight into ADHD, in the hopes that it could help them recognise similar behaviours and struggles in other families.