In 2017, the BBC made a two-part film called Mind Over Marathon. It followed a group of people living with different mental health issues as they trained for the London Marathon.

Many of the people in the film had never run before, and I was amazed to watch the difference that running made to their lives and well-being. After watching the film, I decided that I should start to run, and in 2018 I completed the London Marathon myself. 

The power of that film has stayed with me ever since. What made it so inspiring and motivating, was seeing ordinary people, of varying ages, shapes and fitness levels doing something I thought was reserved only for super-fit athletes. Their example made me believe that something I thought was completely out of reach for me could be achievable, as long as I made up my mind to do it.

My hope for this collaboration project is that the film I make telling Chris's story will inspire other people to make a positive change in their lives and start exercising.