planning the poster

I was drawn to the idea of explaining the theory through baby toys - items that almost wholly rely on the user knowing what to do with them without the luxury of explanation or instruction. More specifically, I wanted to focus on a pop-up baby toy that has buttons, levers and switches all of which must be implicit in their intended use.

I used this as my starting point for the layout, as I wanted it to be the focal point of the poster.

Alongside the required explanation of a research methodology, I wanted to use this project as an opportunity to expand my practical skills. Having never done any screen printing I decided to impose an additional criteria on myself and say that the poster must be produced by the method of screen printing.

The need for fairly simple forms and a limit on the amount of intricate detail I could feasibly produce on a screen print informed the style and 'look' of the poster at an early stage. I have always liked the bold look of 1960's Russian posters and wanted to use this style as inspiration.