I made contact with Chris via Messenger today; he was very helpful and seems really excited to be involved in the project. I explained what will be involved and why I chose him to feature in the film and luckily he said that he will be happy to take part. We have arranged for me to go down and interview/film him next Monday (25th March) at the Parkletics park and also at a cafe near-by.

As the project is about telling people's stories, I wanted to get the opportunity to film Chris in his home. I wanted to use his environment as a backdrop to help tell his story - to help give the viewer a better idea of who he is. Unfortunately, Chris wasn't comfortable with the idea of us filming there, which I can of course understand, so we will have to make use of a cafe close to the park instead. This change in location for some of the filming is a little frustrating as an impersonal environment will not have the same impact as talking to a subject in their own home would provide. I will need to be very careful about the questions I ask and be mindful of making him feel as comfortable as possible in a public space. There could be a risk that Chris will feel less inclined to share more personal details if we are chatting in an environment where we can be overheard. I will make contact with the cafe before we meet on Monday to ensure they are happy for me to film in their business and perhaps ask if they can reserve us a table in a quieter area of the cafe.

As we will only have a couple of hours for the interviews I will send Chris a few preliminary questions to get a fuller picture of his likes and dislikes, and try to build up a picture of his personality before we meet. I want to incorporate his favourite music, photographs of him and footage of important places in his life into the film too, in an attempt to create a more rounded portrait of him.