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This week, I have been thinking ahead to how I will structure the questions I need to ask to Parkletics trainers and also the Sheffield Parkletics users. As I have never interviewed anyone before I am a little unsure where to start and how to approach such a sensitive subject as mental health.

Today, I was lucky enough to get an hour chatting to Gillian Blackwood, a producer from BBC Radio 5 Live. A large part of her job is to search out potential interviewees for the features on their programmes and to prepare questions to help guide the presenters. Gillian helped me to break down what it was I wanted to get from each specific interview and also the best way to structure my questions to encourage the interviewee to be as open as possible. She also recommended that I take the time to build up a rapport before beginning the interview to help the person I'm talking to feel as comfortable as possible. The notes I made during our chat are below:



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