Portsmouth visit...

We arrived at the park to meet Ian from Portsmouth Council to discuss positioning for the Parkletics equipment and chat through procedures for installation. He explained that the park has undergone a £2 million regeneration with the addition of a new playground, BMX track, basketball court, table tennis tables and now the introduction of Parkletics equipment. Fratton is the most densely populated area in the UK, outside of London. The park is a well-used public space and is situated in the centre of an built-up area. It is one of the only green spaces for local residents to use.

The installation of Parkletics equipment was positioned to offer maximum visibility to passers-by.

Anna from Fratton Big Local met with us in the afternoon and explained more about the work it does within the Fratton community. Fratton Big Local hopes Parkletics will help to address the issues around obesity and health that many local residents face. They have a dedicated social media officer, Vicky ? who I will contact to arrange timings and confirm the type of social media content to best help inspire and motivate local residents to come out and use the Parkletics equipment.

Fratton Big Local have arranged a launch event to be held on Eater Monday (22nd April 2019), where they're will be an official opening of the Parkletics project. My films could be useful for them to use to promote the launch or, alternatively, to maintain interest in the project after the event.

Jane Leech is with the Active Portsmouth Alliance and is interested in the link between physical activity and mental health benefits. She is a potential contact for me and could be someone to work with to help me pitch the content of the films at the correct level or audience.

Anna mentioned that there is a big screen in the centre of Portsmouth which is run and maintained by the Sports Science department at Portsmouth University. She believed there may be a possibility to show the films I will make there.