Sheffield visit...

I travelled to Sheffield today to meet with Chris, a Parkletics ambassador who has seen the benefits that exercise can bring to your mental health. We met at the Rhubarb Shed Cafe to get to know a bit more about each other - I wanted to try and make the afternoon as stress-free as possible, especially considering the personal nature of the questions I would be asking Chris. We chatted over a cup of tea and then made our way over to Manor Fields Park, where the Parkletics equipment has been in situ for almost a year. Chris showed me the equipment and talked through his usual work-out routine. He was very open and honest about the struggles he has had and the days when all he wanted to do was sit at home.

We managed to find a quiet area in the park to chat and I was glad that Chris seemed relaxed and happy o talk. He answered all of my questions honestly and shared what its really been like for him overcoming his mental health struggles.



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