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First meeting with Beth Hayward from Parkletics today. Initial discussion about how we could work together in a project to raise awareness of Parkletics and the work they are doing. My ideas were to focus on the benefits Parkletics has had for users in Sheffield where the system has been in place for 9(?) months already. I have the idea to make 2-3 short documentaries about Parkletics users who feel their life and/or mental health have been improved by using a community exercise program. I want to use the films to tell the stories of the users and show where they were before and where they are now. Beth was pleased with the idea and felt it would be beneficial to Parkletics firstly as promotional material, but also for the councils she works with. She mentioned that Parkletics are at the beginning of a process to install 2 lots of equipment in Fratton in Portsmouth which have been funded by the lottery fund Big Local. She said that Fratton would be interested in putting on a launch for the project within her community and that she saw an opportunity to combine the films with an event to publicise the council’s health initiative. I suggested that the videos could form the basis of an event focused around the users and their stories - a biographical look at how exercise has helped people in Sheffield using Parkletics equipment and how this could be beneficial to residents in Fratton. I suggested that the event could be community focused and perhaps involve local school and businesses. Beth and I have arranged to go to Fratton to meet with the Big Local team and discuss whether they feel that the idea links in with their wish to promote their health and exercise initiative. This has been provisionally booked for the week beginning 11th February. I suggested that the biographical videos of the users could work well alongside a video diary of the installation of the equipment in Fratton, and also the initial training of the instructors and the first-time users of the equipment in Fratton. It could be interesting to have a before and after look at Parkletics communities, firstly to see what people’s hopes are for the project and then to contrast that with the opinions and stories of the Sheffield users.



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