seeing a song

As a designer, I am interested in the visual world. I am inspired by beautiful patterns, intrigued by unusual colour or shape combinations and interesting structures, and I am always on the look-out for something that will spark a new idea. Where design is my interest, music is my passion; one the head and one the heart. Nothing affects me in the way  music does. It lifts my mood, it makes me cry, it comforts me, it excites me and transports me: more than anything else it gives me joy. Melodies and lyrics tap into the deepest part of me and I connect with them in a way that I connect with nothing else. Music is an integral part of my life. It is intertwined with my memories and it reminds me of the people and places I love.


Recently, I have been looking for ways to bring music into my work. I want to try and use the powerful effect it has on me to inform and develop my practice as a designer. With that in mind, I approached this research project with the intention of combining music with design. My research was focused around one question – ‘Can You See A Song?’. I examine the historical methods of music visualisation, from early Neume notation through to graphically animated scores. The findings of my research inform my own piece of musical visualisation; an interpretation of the song Time In Joy by Field Music.

> research paper: Seeing a Song - G. McGrillis, 2019


> subject of study: Time in Joy - Field Music, 2018 

> timeline of Time in Joy

> animated interpretation (rhythm) of Time in Joy


> drawings produced through animation